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Ceremonial protocol

Each of the papal orders has its own distinct uniform, decorations and, in the case of knights, its own distinct sword. Following the British Association of Papal Orders, distinctive cloaks are worn by dames. While the wearing of a uniform is not compulsory, it is nevertheless required when participating in pontifical ceremonies. When attired in uniform, knights and dames must wear white gloves and knights must wear the sword, except when at dinner. Hats are worn by knights and black lace mantillas by dames. Although spurs are an integral part of the uniform for all Equestrian Orders, they are rarely worn. As pointed out by Father McNamara, Papal Knights [and Dames] have special privileges and roles at Mass. As one official description indicates:

‘The Knights' principal ceremonial role is to escort the Ordinary (Bishop or Archbishop of the Diocese) and/or Cardinal into the Church or Cathedral, lead him into the Sanctuary, and remain there, seated usually to the right of the altar, until the end of the Mass. Two Knights are usually preferred for such a role, although one can be sufficient, and they walk immediately in front of the Bishop they are escorting. At the end of the Mass they will again immediately precede the Bishop in the recessional. ‘The Knight wears the plumed hat while processing in and out of the Church or Cathedral; on entering the sanctuary and taking his seat he removes his sword and lays it on the ground until the end of the Mass. He shall wear his hat at the same time the Bishops wears his mitre and remove or replace it simultaneously with the Bishop.’