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The Association may be contacted through its Secretary,

Peter F Durnin, KC*SG, KM, GCHS, "Rosaire", Moneymore, Drogheda, Co Louth. A92 RF6F



The Pontifical Orders in Ireland

The Pontifical Orders of Knighthood are secular orders of merit whose membership is conferred on a direct decision of the Pontiff as Head of the Catholic Church and Sovereign of the Vatican City State. Awards are gazetted in Acta Apostolica Sedis, the Gazette of the Holy See. Priests and members of religious orders cannot become papal knights. Diplomas of appointment are issued from the Secretariat of State. Perpetual succession no longer occurs arising from the conferral of a knighthood. Membership of the Association of Papal Orders, for those who wish to join, commences when they receive their diploma of appointment and is conditional on persons remaining in communion with the Church. Non-Catholics who were honoured with a Papal Knighthood by His Holiness are also welcome as members.

For knights and dames of the Pontifical Order of Pius IX (Pian Order):
Knight or Dame Grand Cross - GCPO
Knight or Dame Commander – KCPO/DCPO (with or without star)
Knight or Dame – KPO/DPO
For knights and dames of the Pontifical Order of Saint Gregory the Great:
Knight or Dame Grand Cross – GCSG
Knight or Dame Commander – KCSG/DCSG (with or without star)
Knight or Dame – KSG/DSG
For knights and dames of the Pontifical Order of Saint Sylvester:
Knight or Dame Grand Cross – GCSS
Knight or Dame Commander – KCSS/DCSS (with or without star)
Knight or Dame – KSS/DSS
Officers of the Association: His Eminence Seán Cardinal Brady is Patron of the Association.
Council Members for the period 2015-2018 are:
President: John B Morgan, KSG
Chancellor: James McDonald, KC*SG
Secretary: Peter Durnin, KC*SG (To whom correspondence should be directed.)
Treasurer: Gerard Walsh, KSG
Chaplain: Rt. Rev. Monsignor Eoin Thynne
Member: Thomas Lynch, KSG


There are 79 current members. which include nine Dames, are distributed among the four Ecclestical Provinces. The Diplomatic Corps, Politicians, and Civil Servants account for 13 with a further 7 associated with Ireland but appointed elsewhere. A further 64 awards were made to those serving in the Papal Wars of 1860. There are no current members registered in the Diocese of Ardagh, Kilmore, Clonfert, Killaloe and Waterford & Lismore.

A total of 340 Knights and Dames have been identified thus far.